Revolutionary chaos & foundation of the Weimar Republic

Revolutionswirren und Begründung der Weimarer Republik

Revolutionary chaos and foundation of the Weimar Republic

In the autumn of 1918, the German Reich was the loser of the First World War. After four years of cruel material warfare and the fall of the monarchy, the long-standing political order was turned upside down. After the November Revolution saw a bloodless departure from the monarchical form of government, the power of government was first transferred to the councils. A radical council system - which led to dictatorship and civil war in Russia - does not find a majority in Germany. Quite the opposite: in view of the clashes with the "Spartacus Group" in Berlin, the provisional government is using the actually anti-democratic Free Corps to pave the way for a democratic government. At the National Theatre in Weimar, the National Assembly develops a new state order for the first parliamentary democracy in Germany. The Weimar Constitution came into force in August 1919.