The Protests of 1968

68er-Bewegung, Max Scheler

Protests of 1968

The Protests of 1968: An entire generation protested against the encrusted social structures of the conservative Adenauer era and the failure to come to terms with National Socialism, against rigid sexual morals and the Vietnam War. Thousands of students took to the streets in the 1960s and went down in German history as "68er". The effects of the events and ideas of that time are still visible and perceptible in the society of the Federal Republic today. In the long term, the 1968 movement brought about cultural, political and economic reforms and social upheavals. And the controversies have still not been completely resolved. The generation of '68 stands for politically leftist protests, for alternative lifestyles and a sometimes hedonistic attitude to life. The 68ers were part of an international rebellion, a common protest culture of young people all over the globe.