We only issue Rights Managed (RM) licenses. This means that each image is charged for a specific use, including combinations of uses. We are happy to agree individual prices for your projects or make basic price agreements for extensive uses of your entire company. If you only want to license individual images, we will be happy to activate our price calculator for you. Here you have the possibility to quickly and easily determine prices for your specific use and to download your images immediately with subsequent automatic invoicing.


Online Usages

Duration up to one year: 15,00 to 35,00 €
Duration unlimited: 25,00 to 80,00 €

The price is calculated on the basis of the monthly number of accesses.

Scientific publications or small editions book

Edition up to 1,000 copies: 40.00 €
Title surcharge 100%

Prices include e-book and/or online use in German-speaking countries for a license period of up to 5 years.


one-time (incl. repetition): 65,00 to 90,00 €
unlimited broadcasts up to 5 years: 90,00 to 180,00 €

Prices are calculated according to the type of planned program placement (e.g. special interest program, full program) and the duration of use. We charge surcharges of up to 30% for use in media libraries or video-on-demand-services or for more extensive international rights.


Temporary exhibition: 50,00 to 250,00 €
Touring or permanent exhibition: 75,00 to 480,00 €

Prices are calculated according to the duration of the exhibition and the size of the image. Usage in multimedia, online, catalogs or for marketing purposes will be charged with a surcharge of up to 100%.

All prices are subject to statutory VAT.

For further uses, please see our price calculator after registration or send us an e-mail with your specific usage request to

Please note that SZ Photo does not offer royalty-free images. Images with minimum prices or surcharges are excluded from these prices and general price agreements. For special prices, please refer to the notes in the "Right of Use" field directly on the image.
Access to and research in our online archive are free of charge, the use of our images, however, is subject to licensing. Please understand that we cannot give you price information by telephone. Therefore, please send us an e-mail to