SZ Photographers

SZ Photographers | Franz Xaver Kroetz, 2010. Bild: Alessandra Schellnegger, ID 00687251

Photographers in the region

From Ammersee to Atomic Café, from political campaigning to the "Oktoberfest" - the photographers of the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich and throughout Bavaria are always on the spot where it is necessary to capture news and impressions from the fields of culture and nature, politics and society. As chroniclers of daily events in Bavaria and Munich, they provide pictures on current issues and events, as well as on interesting stories and of the people behind them. Sebastian Gabriel, Robert Haas, Catherina Hess, Florian Peljak, Stephen Rumpf, Alessandra Schellnegger, Johannes Simon and other photographers from the region are portraying the country and its people - always regional, always up to date.

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