Parteien und Verbände

Parteien und Verbände in der Weimarer Republik

Parties and associations

The parties of the Weimar Republic still originate from the imperial period and some of them consciously take along the traditions of this period. In addition to the middle-class parties, the spectrum ranges from a "left" camp consisting of the KPD and SPD to right-wing parties with decidedly monarchist goals such as the DNVP. After the SPD politically dominated the first years of the Weimar Republic, minority cabinets became characteristic of the policies of the Weimar imperial governments after their weakening. The party does not only bundle political moods. Through paramilitary organization they try to offer their members an organizational platform and on the other hand to show their colours in increasingly harsh election campaigns. The Reich banner Black-Red-Gold stands firmly on the ground of the political system, while the steel helmet, and even more so the Red Front Fighters' Association and the Storm Division (SA), mark the extremes.