Finding the perfect picture

Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo offers an online archive for independent research. On this page, we have compiled the most important information about the features of our online shop.

You can’t find the right image?
Our research service is happy to support you and search for the right picture in our extensive print archive. Call us at +49 (0) 89-2183-302 or send your query via e-mail to

Registration & login for the online archive
The default guest account allows you to browse our digital assets without registering or logging in. As a guest, you can see the images in lower resolution (Lowres), but you can’t access the functions of the lightbox and the basket.

To use all functionalities of our image database, you must register as a customer. To do so, you must go to our homepage and click on "Register" on your top right. This will open a registration form where you’ll have to fill the blanks with your data. Please make sure that your information is complete and also matches your billing address. Please also note that you have to provide information in all fields marked with *. Please read our Terms and Conditions and agree to them on the registration form. After that, you can send your registration to us by clicking on "Register".

You will promptly receive your login information and can now use lightboxes and download preview pictures via the basket. After a brief review of your information by the team of Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo, you will also gain access for downloads of highres images.

As a private customer you won’t be able to download pictures at SZ Photo, but at this point we would like to draw your attention to the possibilities of SZ Photo Collection.

My account
You may change your personal data and password in this section. Please make sure to save any changes.

By using the full-text search option of the online shop, you can browse our digital portfolio.

Search Terms & Keywords
You can type one or more search terms into the field marked “Keywords”. Keywords can be the name of a person, themes, motifs, locations, but also picture-ID, which are uniquely assigned to every photo. The search takes all information in Title, Caption, Date, Location, Picture-ID and Keywords into account. Searching for combination of Keywords, please use * as a place marker. If you are looking for proper names consisting of multiple words, please put these in quotation marks (e.g. "Bayern Munich").

Search by picture-ID
If you already know a specific picture-ID you can directly type it into the search box. If you want to search for multiple picture-IDs at the same time, you must link with “OR”.

Combining keywords
To combine or link keywords, you can use the Boolean operators.

The AND-search is the default setting. The search results will show all pictures , which contain all of your provided keywords and search terms. It is not necessary to add “AND” between your keywords. In order to limit your search, you can simply add more and more terms.

For an AND-operation, you can use the following characters:
+ (Plus sign)
“AND” between words
“UND” between words

Using the OR-search, your search results will show you all pictures, which either contain the first or the second term

For an OR-operation, you can use the following characters:
# (Hashtag)
“OR” between words
“ODER” between words

In the AND NOT-search, all pictures will be excluded from your results, which contain keywords or terms that you have typed after the AND NOT-command.

For and AND NOT-operation, you can use the following characters:
- (Minus sign)
“AND NOT” between words
“UND NICHT” between words

Period of time
To specify your search considering only a certain period of time, you must use the field labeled Time span. You can search for exact dates (, periods of time ( or you can enter certain decades (e.g. 50s or 1950-1959). You can also use the calendar, which appears in the Time span field by clicking on it.

Using filters
We offer the opportunity to search for photos by using filters, or simply to limit your number results. You can combine multiple filters or apply them onto already displayed search results by selecting “Search in results” to refine your specific search and its number of results. Selected filters are highlighted in orange and marked with a trailing “X”. By clicking on the “X” you can reset the filter. Active filters are marked in green.
To clear all filters at once, click on the “Reset” button next to the search box. This will reset your whole search operation.

Color and size, portrait and landscape
If you are only looking for pictures in black and white, in color or in portrait or landscape format, just select the appropriate filter. The search results will only show pictures corresponding to the requested color or format.

Precise search
If the "Precise search" is selected, only images with the same notation will be searched for, the automatic search for synonyms is now switched off. For example, if you enter the keywords “Auto industry”, no images will be shown for the term “automotive industry”.

By clicking the “Reset” button you can delete all search items and then recombine them.

Displayed results
The results of your search are displayed as thumbnails. You can change the mode of display either by clicking on this symbol  for tiled images or on this symbol   for a combination of images and text. The preview of every picture is available simply by clicking on the specific thumbnails. You can also select, whether you want to view 50 or 100 images per page.

Navigating through your results              

By clicking on the arrows  or  above the results you can scroll to the pervious or the next page. To jump directly to a certain page of results, type the number into the panel and click the arrow next to it. The active page is displayed in green marks. To jump to the first or the last page, click on   or

You can jump between pictures in the preview mode by using the arrows in line with displayed results in the upper right corner. By clicking on the icons below the specific information of every image you may

leuchttisch2 Hilfe Put it into a lightbox

warenkorb1 Hilfe Add it to your basket

speichern3 Hilfe Download it as Lowres or

drucken Hilfe Calculate the price for a specific usage.

By selecting a linked keyword you can start a new search operation.

With the lightbox, you are able to create selections on specific topics or events from your search results. In order to move an image from your search results to an active lightbox, click on this symbol leuchttisch1 Hilfe unterhalb des Thumbnails oder Previews. below the thumbnail or preview. You also have the possibility to move all of your results onto the lightbox at once.  Just click on “Into lightbox” above the search results. To check your operation, the icon will light up in green leuchttisch orange Hilfe.

To create a new lightbox, go to the drop-down menu above, click on "lightbox" and then on "new lightbox" and enter your desired name. The new lightbox is now active and can be accessed via the menu bar at the top by clicking on it. To activate an existing lightbox, click on it in the already mentioned drop-down menu. The active lightbox is now shown in green. Pictures, which you want to place into the lightbox from your search results, are automatically assigned to the active lightbox.
When working with a lightbox, you can change the name of the lighbox, put images into your basket, empty your whole lightbox, rename it or print its content. If you want to remove a certain picture from your lightbox, simply click on the little lightbox icon again. You may do so while viewing your lightbox and its content, as well as in preview or thumbnail mode. The icon will change its color from green to gray again, indicating that it has been removed from your lightbox.


Access and research in our online archive is free. For any kinds of commercial use, our terms and conditions as well as the specific fees apply. Please note that Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo does not offer any royalty-free images, every kind of desired use is subjected to a fee. Through a license agreement you acquire the unique right of reproduction for the selected image for a well-defined purpose only.
The particular fees and their amount depend on criteria based on the following information: medium (magazine, newspaper, TV, etc.), placement (title, inner part, playback length, etc.), image size, run or range of your publication, distribution area/language and the utilization period.

The basket gives you the possibility to download image data. To place an image in your basket, simply click on the basket icon  below the thumbnail and preview options. You also have the option to move your search results into your basket. Simply click on “Into Basket” above your search results. The Basket icon will then turn green leuchttisch orange Hilfe. Ordering Highres images is only possible via the Basket. To order a picture, which you have placed in the basket, just click on “Basket ()”. Now you will have to choose whether you want the image data either as high-resolution (Highres) or low-resolution (Lowres). By selecting either one of these options, your order will actually be placed. By clicking the symbol, you may remove certain pictures from your basket. To clear or refresh the basket, simply click on the related buttons above. After you have placed your order, an e-mail is sent to your provided address containing a link to a .zip-file.

My account
By clicking on “My account” in the menu above and then clicking on “Order overview” you may check and retrieve your last downloads again.

Costs of Downloads and Shipping
Downloading Lowres image data from Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo is free of charge for all of our registered customers. When ordering high-resolution image data directly from the Basket of our online shop, or when you order from our research team via e-mail, fax or phone, we will charge you 5€ per image. This fee either applies to the download or to receiving it by mail.
If you need digital data on a CD-ROM, we will calculate the shipping costs for the overnight courier service according to their current price list. Just ask us about this option and the costs involved when placing your order.

When you publish a picture, you often need to consider more than just the copyrights of the photographer. Please remember, that you will need to get a letter of consent by every person, who is clearly visible and distinguishable in these pictures. Concerning buildings, works of art or brands, you will need a letter of consent by the owner, architect, artist or rights holder. Please note the “Usage”-disclaimer next to each image.

Need a different size?
The high-resolution (Highres) image data, which you may order via the basket as a download, mostly have a resolution of 300 dpi with a size of DIN A3 (297mm x 420mm). If you need an image in a higher print resolution, we are happy to reproduce a custom scan for you, if the original artwork is part of our print archive. Ask our Customer Service for this option at +49 (0) 89-2183-302 or you send request via e-mail to

The online shop of SZ Photo is available in German and English. To select the language, click on the appropriate language at the top right of the webpage. Simply click on “English” or “Deutsch”.

Tech support
Your login information is not working, you do not have access to the download option of Highres image data or you need technical assistance using the online shop

You may always contact our Customer Service at +49 (0) 89-2183-302 or via e-mail at

Our customer service department is happy to assist you.