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The 1970s

The vibrant protest culture of the sixties also lived on in the 1970s. Environmental issues became  the center of attention more and more. A movement against nuclear energy was formed, the oil crisis and the car-free Sundays of 1973 initiated lively debates on energy-saving technologies.  However, also rogue ideas grew from the spirit of resistance: the left-wing Red Army Faction spread horror and terror in the German Federal Republic in the autumn of 1977.

In 1970, the "Tatort" went on air, an indispensable Sunday ritual of many German citizens until today. The VW Golf went off the assembly line in 1973 for the first time and became the best-selling car of all time.

The 1970s were also the era of disco. Dressed in platform shoes and bell bottoms, people were dancing to the sound of ABBA and the Bee Gees. Men wore their hair long, as well as their sideburns – a lot shorter were the hot pants for women. Meanwhile, rock music was revolutionized by the operetta-like sounds of the British band Queen.