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Scherl | Verweigerung des Hitlergrußes, 1936. Bild: Scherl, ID 00022112


With the purchase of a large part of the famous archives of the former press empire of major Berlin publisher August Scherl, numerous historical gaps have been filled in our photo archive. You can now find photos of almost all the major events and personalities of the German history until the end of the Third Reich in the portfolio of Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo, many of them from magazines such as "Die Gartenlaube" or "Die Woche".

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Knorr + Hirth | Claude Monet, undatiert. Bild: Knorr + Hirth, ID 00041583

Knorr & Hirth

With the transition of the Knorr & Hirth publishing company and its inventory from the Bavarian State to the Süddeutsche Verlag in 1951, the young publishing company gained an important increase in contemporary historical photographs - the foundation for our image archive was laid. The focal points of this collection are important personalities of the first half of the 20th century as well as political and current events in the Third Reich.

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Fotografen der 'Münchner Illustrierten' | Leserinnen der Münchner Illustrierten, 1952. Bild: Hannes Betzler, ID 00151664

Photographers of the "Münchner Illustrierte"

Between 1950 and 1960 the Süddeutsche Verlag published the "Münchner Illustrierte", a highly successful illustrated magazine. It mainly consisted of the high-quality photo reportages by Kurt Schraudenbach, Max Scheler, Hannes Betzler, Heinz Hering, Jeno Kovacs or Alfred Strobel, who were responsible for the magazine's special quality and originality. In addition to major political and social issues of the post-war period, the photo journalists always kept an eye on art, culture and mentality, on fashion and lifestyles of people in Munich, Germany and the world - their famous travelogues have taken the photographers of the "Münchner Illustrierte" to Rome, London, New York and even as far as Hong Kong. In the archives of Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo, large parts of these masterpieces of photojournalism are preserved to this day.

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