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Our Customer Service will answer all of your questions by phone at +49-(0)-89-2183-302 or via email at

On this page you will find the most important information and short summaries of our range of products and services.

For the use of our imagesl a registration via is obligatory. With the registration you are activated for our price calculator by default. After checking your data, we will activate you for the Highres download. Depending on the customer agreement, you will be activated for the direct Highres download or price calculator with buy-it-now function:

Direct Highres Download: You are an existing customer and/or a customer with an individual price agreement. With the download you receive Highres data via download link.
Price calculator with invoicing:
You would like to use the images immediately and receive an invoice. You determine the license amount independently with our price calculator, receive the Highres data via download link and an invoice by e-mail.

Research Service
If you can't find the image you're looking for, Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo is happy to do the research for you. In addition, we also offer the complete execution of image searches. We provide you these selections as low-resolution image data via e-mail or ftp.
Call us and let our research team advise you personally or send your requests via email to

Rights & Clearance
Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo offers images for reprinting as so-called "rights-managed (RM)" or as subject to license to its professional clients. Therefore, you acquire the singular right of reproduction for your selcted images for a well-defined purpose, usually composed of the following information: medium (e.g. magazine, brochure), placement (e.g. title or inner part), picture size (in each case based the whole page), circulation/number of copies, distribution area/language area and the period of time.

Licensing Agreement
You will receive the licensing agreement for your provided purpose in form of an invoice on the basis of the particular fees for your intended utilization.

Legal Reservation
Before publishing a photo, you often have to acquire more rights than just the copyright of the photographer. Please remember that images with clearly recognizable persons, buildings, works of art or products exceed our copyright permission for the photo. You may need to receive a letter of agreement by the person or a reproduction permission of the architect, building owner, artist or trademark owner. Considering works of art, you will mostly need to contact the VG Bild-Kunst ( in order to clarify all remaining rights.

In order to obtain basic information about legal restrictions on the use of your selected image, please consider the information about the use rights of the individual image in the preview, as well as from our General Terms and Conditions (GTC).
Our Customer Service department will answer all of your questions about legal limitations of your planned use +49-(0)-89-2183-302 or via email at

Pictures for advertising or commercial use
Please ask our Customer Service for possible legal restrictions early on in your planning phase. For more information call +49-(0)-89-2183-302 or contact us via e-mail at

Please note that Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo does not offer royalty-free images. The access and search in our online archive will not be charged; however, the use of our images is subject to license. We also do not answer price requests on the phone. For specific usage inquiries, please email us at

Download fee
The download of low-res data at Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo is free for all of our registered customers. For orders of high resolution image files via the shopping cart of Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo, we charge EUR 5,- plus VAT per image. If you download the data of an image twice within a period of two weeks, you will only be charged once.

Images from the Süddeutsche Zeitung
Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo only possesses the rights to transfer to third parties for a portion of the images that are printed in the Süddeutsche Zeitung daily. You can find these images in the online archive of Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo, order the print data and acquire the rights of use.
If your desired image originates from a source, that Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo has no redistribution rights of, we are neither allowed to give you the image data nor to grant you any kind of license. In this case, you must contact the holder of rights. Our Customer Service will be glad to help you identify the agency or the photographer. Please contact us at +49-(0)-89-2183-302 or via email at

Photos for private customers
Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo generally provides the images from the online archive and the print archive for professional republication only.

SZ Photo Collection
Since we are often asked by individuals for images from our archive, which they would like to acquire as a photo print, we have compiled a selection of the best pictures from our historical image archive for private use in the SZ Photo Collection. You can find more information about the Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo Collection at or contact us at